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I love books and feel strongly that reading is one of the most important skills a person can have. I read voraciously and have been known to read while walking and have never once bumped into anything!

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I have done a TBR Jar.

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The Name of the Star (The Shades of London) - Maureen Johnson

A TBR Jar is where you write down on small peices of paper all the books you still need to read from your bookshelves (which is a lot) in a Jar and once a month you draw a peice out and read that book.  I had my son do this for me he loved it.  This months pick was The Name Of The Star.  So far it is really good so a good pick for the month.  Wondering if I should do a TBB (to be bought) Jar?  I have so many books I need to buy to complete my series and just books I have to have so this might be a way to keep me on track of what I need to buy instead of inpulse buying?