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I love books and feel strongly that reading is one of the most important skills a person can have. I read voraciously and have been known to read while walking and have never once bumped into anything!

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Book Catalog App

Have you had this problem?  You go to the bookstore or your browsing the estore and you come along a book you like, but think for a minute that you already own it, but go ahead ame buy it, convinsing yourself that there is no way you own it, then you get home at see that you now that've two copies/forms of said book.


I found this cool book app that helps you keep track of your books that you own.  It's called Bookapp2.  I found it for iPhone, but not sure if it is on android.  I like it because it has a scanner that reads the barcode.  The only disadvantage to the app is that if Google Books doesn't have it then you have to manually input the books information.  


Have you used apps to catalog your books or some other way besides obviously Booklikes or Goodreads?  What is your system of knowi g what books you own and in what form if you have an ebook device yet still buy paper books?